Mobility guarantee

Mobility guarantee and passenger rights on local rail transport

We aim to get you to your destination reliably and on time. If this can’t be guaranteed, you can switch to a taxi.

As part of our mobility guarantee, we’ll cover the costs incurred by your taxi journey up to the maximum limit.

Mobility guarantee in train traffic

Travel by train is covered by your passenger rights on local rail transport. Visit or for more information. Please send the passenger rights form to the rail company (DB, SWEG).

Details and framework terms can be found in the conditions of carriage.

Mobility guarantee: Request for refund

Passenger rights form

Current fare conditions and conditions of carriage:

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You can make use of the mobility guarantee if you arrive at your destination more than 30 minutes later than the time stated in the timetable due to a delay or cancellation and there is no other alternative available in the form of buses or trains operated by the transport company.

Holders of “MonatsCard Erwachsener” monthly adult passes and “AboCard Erwachsener” subscription travel cards for adults as well as disabled people eligible to travel free of charge (token) can have taxi costs reimbursed up to a certain amount. Reimbursement is not possible for passengers with single or day tickets along with time cards for school children/apprentices.

Holders of “AboCard Erwachsener” pass for adults can be reimbursed up to a maximum amount of €50.
Taxi costs up to a maximum of €35 can be covered for passengers with a “MonatsCard Erwachsener” monthly pass for adults or disabled people with tokens.

The mobility guarantee can always be used if fault lies with one of the transport companies partnered with Verkehrsverbund Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg. Unfortunately, no reimbursement will be granted in cases of force majeure events, e.g. bad weather, winter road conditions, accidents, emergency response and police operations, bomb threats, strikes or third-party interventions on rail or bus transport along with announced work such as road blocks. Reimbursement will likewise not be provided if the delay or cancellation is announced before the ticket is purchased.

Please send the fully completed reimbursement application (only available in German) along with the original taxi receipt and a copy of your ticket or disabled person’s ID card, incl. free travel entitlement, to our customer centre within 14 days of the incident. Once we’ve reviewed your application, we’ll transfer the reimbursed amount to the bank account specified by you – provided your application is accepted. Reimbursements cannot be paid in cash or offset against future ticket purchases. The mobility guarantee is a voluntary service and does not grant ticket holders any legal entitlement.

Yes, the application, including the taxi receipt and copy of the ticket, must be submitted to one of the Verbund customer centers within 14 days of the incident.